Wordpress Hosting

Tired of host failures?

Come to us and pay for services for a period of 6 months. and we will give from 6 months. absolutely free of any service. All hosting and VPS tariffs are included in the promotion

Can be used:

With hosting and VPS rates.

Bonus expiration date

The bonus is credited forever. If it is enough for 5 years of renewal of services - so be it!

Who can participate in the promotion?

All customers registered after January 1, 2023 can participate in the promotion.

Wordpress Hosting

Multiple projects?

We will provide a second server of the same type at a discount of 50%. Not a bad suggestion, is it?

What services are involved?

The promotion is valid for all VPS orders, in absolutely any country.

If the second server is more expensive?

The discount will be given to the fare which is cheaper. It is worth taking this into account.

How to order?

Write to support and you will receive your personal promotional code for the order.

Gifts available to all customers

These bonuses can be received by any of our clients.

ISP 6 panel

Free ISP6 panel for all VPS orders when paying for services for a period of 1 year or more.

Free .com domain

Free domain in the com zone for a period of 1 year. All new clients participate.

Free customization

You will receive a perfectly configured server for your purposes. It is enough to write TK.

Free transfer

Free data transfer is available to all customers in the first 14 days from the date of the first order.

Discount 30%

When paying for services for a period of 3 years - all customers receive a discount of 30% from the cost of services.

Free SSL

All our clients receive free SSL certificates regardless of the tariff plan.

Frequently asked Questions

How to take part in the action?

To participate in the promotion, simply open a ticket to the sales department and wait for the bonus to be received.

How long does it take to clean websites from viruses?

The turnaround time depends on the scope. We guarantee that no more than 2 hours after payment, the specialists will begin to treat your site. It usually takes no more than 12-24 hours.

Can I use my own licenses in the control panel?

Of course, we welcome the purchase of perpetual licenses by users and allow you to install your own software, if it is really licensed.

How long is data stored after the server is stopped?

The data is deleted automatically after 5 days. By mutual agreement, the period may be extended.

Is it possible to pointwise expand VPS resources?

Yes it is possible. Prices for additional resources on the page of virtual servers, under the table with prices. You can buy separately: cores, RAM and disk.

Hosting account backup

Virtual hosting accounts are backed up daily, copies are stored: - daily (created at 3 am) - weekly (created on Sunday) - monthly (from the 1st of the current month) You can also create a “Backup copy” yourself - from section "Backup", control panel.

What hardware is used for VPS nodes?

For nodes in Russia, we use E2288g/E2336 processors with DDR4 RAM. All VPS servers are protected against DDoS attacks. For nodes in the Netherlands, we use E2288g/E2336/E5-2697v3 processors with DDR4 memory. All VPS are created automatically.