IP addresses at competitive prices

We offer IPv4 subnets for lease for use in accordance with RIPE rules. Didn't find the quantity you need or have questions? Write to the chat, we will be happy to help you.

Total from $65/month


IP rental prices

Didn't find the quantity you need or have questions? Write to the chat, we will be happy to help you.

Mask Number of addresses Min. rent Route to another DC/WHOiS Price
/26 61 pcs. 1 month Not 55$/month To order
/25 125 pcs. 1 month Not 89$/month To order
/24 254 pcs. 1 month Yes 169$/month To order
/22 1024 pcs. 1 month Yes 399$/month To order
/20 4096 pcs. 3 months Yes 2159$/month To order

Frequently asked Questions

Are there service discounts?

Yes, all promotions are described on the page - https://well-web.net/discount/. You can take part in almost any action.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, of course, within the first 30 days of the first order. All funds are returned, without any recalculations for the used period.

Why lease IPv4?

First, address leases are needed by providers to issue IP to end users so that they can access the Internet. Secondly, to connect to the World Wide Web using BGP, including connecting users.

What is the main difference between shared hosting and VPS?

A virtual private server or VPS is partly similar to a virtual (shared) hosting and a dedicated or dedicated server. Of course, it's always the best of both worlds, but it's a good compromise to keep the cost down. Some draw an analogy of virtual hosting with living in a hostel, and VPS hosting with an apartment building. As for virtual hosting, its users share the server and its resources with a number of other sites and users. On a VPS, you also share hardware resources with other users, but software ...

How is the registration and payment of a domain name?

All applications are placed in a single queue, the first to receive the name is the one from whom the payment arrives first. If you pay with the second number, then all the money will be returned in the future, or the company's employees offer to choose a different name. There is a convenient cumulative discount system, since many customers prefer to purchase several domain names, in such a case, the discount increases over time. A convenient management tool is provided, all domains are easily administered and configured. Domain verification is performed within a few seconds.

Is it possible to install OS from own iso-image?

No problem. The VPS plans have a Virtualizor control panel where you can get VNC access and the ability to run and install VDS from your own image.

Is it possible to host adult content when renting a virtual server?

No problem. You can post such content provided that you rent a VDS virtual server in the Netherlands.

How many IP will I get with the server?

With each server order (virtual or dedicated) you get 1 IP address for free.

How to take part in the action?

To participate in the promotion, simply open a ticket to the sales department and wait for the bonus to be received.

How long does it take to clean websites from viruses?

The turnaround time depends on the scope. We guarantee that no more than 2 hours after payment, the specialists will begin to treat your site. It usually takes no more than 12-24 hours.

Can I use my own licenses in the control panel?

Of course, we welcome the purchase of perpetual licenses by users and allow you to install your own software, if it is really licensed.

How long is data stored after the server is stopped?

The data is deleted automatically after 5 days. By mutual agreement, the period may be extended.

Is it possible to pointwise expand VPS resources?

Yes it is possible. Prices for additional resources on the page of virtual servers, under the table with prices. You can buy separately: cores, RAM and disk.

Hosting account backup

Virtual hosting accounts are backed up daily, copies are stored: - daily (created at 3 am) - weekly (created on Sunday) - monthly (from the 1st of the current month) You can also create a “Backup copy” yourself - from section "Backup", control panel.

What hardware is used for VPS nodes?

For nodes in Russia, we use E2288g/E2336 processors with DDR4 RAM. All VPS servers are protected against DDoS attacks. For nodes in the Netherlands, we use E2288g/E2336/E5-2697v3 processors with DDR4 memory. All VPS are created automatically.